- PLA 3D printer waste
(2170 x 940mm)

"Polylactic acid (PLA) is the most popular form of plastic used in 3D printers. Having largely displaced traditional modelling and prototyping techniques, 3D printers eat and excrete tons of PLA daily in thousands of makerspaces around the world. It is both recyclable and biodegradable in theory, but rarely done so in practice. This necklace present recycled PLA sourced from makerspaces across Sydney in the form of uniquely patterned beads captured in 3D printed collars. The sphere is proposed as a fundamental shape of the universe, formed by the play of gravity across time, coalescing all matter into galaxial objects."  - From Guy Keulemans Instagram @guykeulemans

This work is a collaboration between Guy Keulemans, Kyo Hashimoto, and myself. Photographs by Traianos Pakioufakis (top and bottom left) and Carine Thévenau (top and bottom right).
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