- Discarded polypropylene
(170 x 170 x 90 mm)
The Indiscriminate Making Cone is analogous to an Elizabethan-style pet cone; a medical device that an animal wears around it's neck to impede mobility and allow for healing after an operation. For example, these truncated, cone-shaped objects deter one's pet from licking or scratching itself after having received stitches. However, this object is aimed at makers and indiscriminate DIY practitioners.  As a result of the maker movement’s preoccupation with techno-literacy, this has resulted in a clear gap in the perceived versus the actual environmental effects and sustainability narratives of the maker movement. To curb wasteful making practices and allow for longer periods of critical reflection before making, a pair of Indiscriminate Making Cones can be fitted onto a maker's wrists using the tabs in each cone. Similar to the pet version, these cones permit some mobility of one's hands and don't entirely incapacitate the maker. Indiscriminate Making Cones come in a variety of sizes and feature multiple tabs for an adjustable fit.

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