- Stickers
(100 x 75 mm)
Ancillary to the plastic objects produced by 3D printers are the hazardous, irritants, particles, and compounds also emitted by these devices. Recent studies have shown that many low-cost 3D printers are responsible for emitting particles into the air and their inhalation may lead to cancer and other illnesses. As filaments are melted and extruded by a 3D printer, considerable rates of particle emissions have been detected from both PLA, ABS and other filament samples. These ultrafine nanoparticles and volatile-organic compounds are known to have adverse health effects on humans that may lead to asthma, cardiovascular problems, and other respiratory-related hospitalizations. Not only have several notable 3D printer companies’ devices been found to emit these particles during operation, but various brands of thermoplastic filaments have as well. Using proper ventilation or operating one’s 3D printer inside an enclosure can mitigate a maker’s risk while using this technology however, that does not account for the wider ecological ramifications these emissions may have once released into the environment.
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